Free Online 3D Printing Class For Assistive Technology

image shows a computer with a 3d drawing on the screen.

In order to encourage people, especially students at schools to develop 3D printed assistive technology solutions, PrintLab, a UK based 3D printing curriculum and global distributor has just released a free course that will allow anyone to solve real world problems for people with disabilities.

A majority of people living with disabilities use some kind of aid or assistive device on a daily basis to be more independent. In a lot of cases, assistive technology solutions are extremely expensive, and many of these solutions are not even customized for individual users. More recently, 3D printing has helped break these barriers by helping create cost effective solutions tailored for specific users.

The course consists of 5 lessons that involve case studies, CAD tutorial videos, hands on activity, and a team activity that involves identifying a user and brainstorming challenges the user faces. After the brainstorming, unique concept designs are developed and a 3D prototype is manufactured and tested. Successful models may be requested by people with disabilities and even manufactured by schools or local makers.

Check out video below and source link for more details.


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