StorySign Is An App That Teaches Deaf Children How To Read

image shows text scanned from a book by the storysign app with the first word highlighted. Next to the text is Star, the digital avatar from StorySign that uses sign language to teach words to deaf children.

Huawei, a company known for its phones and tablets, has created a new storytelling app that uses artificial intelligence, a digital avatar and sign language in order to help deaf children learn to read.

The StorySign app has a pre-built library of books that a parent or child can choose to read. Once the book is selected, they hold their phone up to the words on the real/physical book, and a friendly digital avatar in that app, called Star, comes up and signs the words captured and highlighted by the app. Through this app, children and parents can learn to read and sign together, at their own pace.

The avatar, Star, although animated, is very expressive, and signs in a very realistic manner. Her presence ensures the kids are not only learning but also getting entertained while doing so.

StorySign is available for free on Android and is available in 10 sign languages – British, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Irish, Belgian, Flemish, Swiss-German.

Source: Huawei via Mumbrella

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