SeeBOOST: Electronic Glasses For Age Related Vision Loss

a woman seen sitting in a big leather chair, reading wearing seeBOOST and reading something on her tablet.

Age related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy are the leading causes of blindness in developed nations, and age related vision loss, such as Coloboma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Stargardt disease, is an issue for many.  In order to compensate for vision loss from such age related conditions, Evergaze, a company based out of Richardson, TX has invented SeeBOOST.

SeeBOOST is a special pair of prescription eye glasses that helps with age related vision loss. The glasses have a mounted electronic device, the size of a 9 volt battery that looks like a monocular. This “smart” monocular has adjustable magnification and auto-focus among several other features that helps people see more clearly. SeeBOOST covers the affected vision in the center of the retina which means that a user’s remaining good peripheral vision as well as situational awareness is maintained. Since SeeBOOST’s design is so light and compact, it does not require any heavy head strap and harnesses. SeeBOOST’s minimal design also means users don’t have to learn a device or technology that numerous buttons, menus or controls. It only takes 30 seconds to learn SeeBOOST.

SeeBOOST costs $3,499 with financing options available starting at $99/month.

User Stories

Kevin was born with Low Vision (congenital cataracts). He uses seeBOOST to read sheet music, use his computer, and engage in activities at his local church.

Sewing has always been Margaret’s life passion. With the help of seeBOOST, Margaret is able to use her sewing machine again.

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