ClipDifferent Pro Lets Disabled People Clip Nails Easily

Photo of ClipDifferent pro

Ask anyone about clipping their nails and you’ll know that they consider it a trivial activity of their life. It hardly takes a minute, and once done, they toss the nail clipper and move on with their lives. However, ask a person with disabilities, whether they are an amputee, have vision loss, arthritis, neurological disorders etc.,  and you will hear a completely different story. In some cases, they have to depend on others, and in many others, it takes them a long time to do this activity. The truth though, is that clipping nails is important, and if not taken care of, can be annoying and frustrating.

 To provide independence to disabled people when it comes to clipping nails, and make this activity a breeze, a start up out of Minnesota invented ClipDifferent Pro. Clip Different is a quiet, battery operated device weigh surgical grade stainless steel that provides seamless, clean and effortless fingernail clipping experience. Once powered on, all it requires is a user inserting the tip of their fingernails to the desired length to be trimmed and turning their finger to round off the rest of the nail nail edge.

ClipDifferent is available for pre-order at $119. Visit their website to order one, and watch the video below to see how it works.

More videos and user stories here.


  1. Wonderful piece of Assistive Technology! So many self-care skills, such as clipping toe nails, can be overlooked when it comes to supporting the daily living of individuals with disabilities.

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