Rowheels Revolution 1.0 Wheelchair Provide Greater Comfort And Reduces Shoulder Injury

At first glance, the Rowheels Revolution 1.0 wheelchair looks like just another wheelchair, albeit a little slick. However, what its looks don’t tell you is that it is designed from scratch to provide greater comfort, extended mobility, and  reduces problems from shoulder, elbow, wrist injuries,  user fatigue, and maneuverability that come from pushing.

image showing a person pulling a rowheels revolution 1.0 wheelchair. There are circles drawn around his right shoulder indicating that is where pain and injury occurs from traditional wheelchairs that use the pushing action.

Rowheels unique design uses pulling (“rowing” action) instead of pushing to propel the user forward. Traditional “pushing” mechanism uses two muscle groups in the body, which get overused over a period of time. This action also pull the shoulder joints forward in an unstable position, which ultimately result in injury and pain. Revolution 1.0 uses muscles from the upper back and shoulders for a more comfortable action, thus reducing shoulder related injuries. Over a period of time, the Revolution 1.0 can also strengthen the upper body.

Another interesting feature of the Revolution 1.0 wheelchair is its oval hand rims. These rims have been known to reduce hand and wrist pain. If a user doesn’t have a good grip, two different types of rims – RibGrip (ergonomic and responsive) and Q-Grip (anti-slip, latex free, neoprene coating) can also be provided to them for improved grip and control, increased performance, and decreased fatigue. The Revolution 1.0 is also very light and foldable and can also be transported easily when the user is traveling.

The Rowheels Revolution is launching in October of this year, and will be available at Rowheels’ website for $995 (currently available for pre-order)

Watch the video below to see the benefits of pulling vs. pushing, and check out Rowheel’s website for more information.

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