ChatterBaby Is An App That Lets Deaf Parents Find Out Why Their Baby Is Crying

Dr. Ariana Anderson, a professor and statistician at UCLA, has created a new app that can help deaf parents determine the reason why their baby is crying.

The reason can be anything – the baby is in pain, being fussy or is hungry (there can be more reasons but for now the app figures out these reasons), and the app uses machine learning to predict the correct reason. The app  listens to a baby’s sound and uploads it to its “cry database” that consists of more than 1,500 sounds collected from crying babies in different scenarios. Once uploaded, the ChatterBaby algorithm does some signal processing and uses machine learning to determine why the baby is crying. Typically, babies’ cries in some scenarios (for example hungry) have the same pitch and acoustic features, and the app matches the crying baby’s sound to one of these patterns available in the database.

the chatterbaby algorithm uses signal processing and machine learning algorithms to determine which acoustic features are associated with hich one of baby's needs. FOr example, babies who are in pain demonstrate cries with high energy, while a fussy cry may have more period of silence. we are preparing our finding for academic review and publication.

The free app correctly captures and predicts crying approximately 90% of the times, and can translate more than 90% of the times when the baby is crying due to pain and when they are actually experiencing pain because of vaccinations, ear-piercing, etc.

Watch the video below to learn more about ChatterBaby, and definitely visit their website to get additional information. Even though ChatterBaby was originally developed to help deaf parents, it can be used by all parents to understand their babies better.

ChatterBaby is available on both iOS and Android.

Source: Inside Edition


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