Smart Toilets, Showers, And Bathtubs Can Be Beneficial For People With Disabilities

Photo of kohler’s numi intelligent toilet in a bathroom.

A bathroom is the place where people go to not only for a good cleanse but also to unwind and find sanctity. For that very reason, many would argue that a bathroom is the last place that needs technology! However, there are many individuals whose disabilities may prevent them from having a pleasant moment in the bathroom – whether while attending nature’s call or taking a shower. Wouldn’t it be nice if the accessories in the bathroom could do things for us automatically without having to press any buttons or operating any faucets or flush handles?

Kohler, the 144 year old company that makes bathroom and kitchen accessories is stepping up the game by bringing automation to the bathroom using technology. It’s newest Numi Intelligent toilet is a voice and app controlled toilet that offers personalized experiences to the user. As the person walks in, the toilet’s lid lifts and warms the seat. Water pressure and temperature for cleaning is adjustable and can be preset for different users. Through voice commands using Amazon Echo or Google Home, the toilet can even automatically flush and deodorize after business has been done! Not only that, the Numi toilet can also stream music for the person’s listening pleasure!

It’s not just the toilet that does everything on its own. Even the new line of PerfectFill bathtub and DTV showering system can be controlled by voice commands. The bathtub can automatically fill to the desired level and/or till the requested temperature is achieved. Similarly, the DTV showering system allows you to set the right pressure, temperature, lighting and flow rate by just using voice commands or the Kohler Konnect app.

Technology in the bathroom seems a little counterintuitive at first, however, it can also do wonders for people with disabilities or elderly people who would otherwise struggle to get things done in there.

Watch the video below and check out the source link for more details on these products.

Source: CNET


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