Rodem Robotic Wheelchair Lets You Piggyback Ride And Use Upper Body More Efficiently

A woman seen sitting in the bathroom sitting in her Rodem mobility chair. She is leaning in to the wash basin and washing her hands.

We have seen several “advanced” motorized wheelchairs recently, and the newest wheelchair, “Rodem”, takes advanced wheelchairs to a whole new level. Rodem provides users the ability to piggyback ride the wheelchair (by straddling) which allows them to make getting in and out of bed easily, transferring to and from toilet, and reach  places or things easily that they usually would have difficulty with (like a kitchen sink, reaching out to things on a dining table). Rodem also comes with a phone app that lets the user control it remotely – summon the wheelchair from a different corner of the room when they are ready to get out of bed or park it in that same corner when they are ready to go to bed.
The handles, and seat height can be adjusted to reach the height of others. Rodem also has a chest support that can be adjusted so you could lean forward easily to wash your hands/ face or grab something from the dinner table. The chair can also rotate which enables the user to move in really small spaces. It’s 8 hour rechanrge time ensures movement of up to 9.3 miles at a top speed of 3.7 mph.

Rodem is available in Japan for about $8,700, and will be available in the UK sometime this year.

Check out this video, and their website to learn more.


Source: Engadget


  1. It seems like Rodem did a great job developing this assistive technology for people. It’s so promising to see such companies working on improving people’s lives.

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