Google Maps On Android Now Tells You When To Get Off Bus Or Train

If you use Google Maps for navigation, you will most likely enjoy this new feature that the app has, especially if you use it on an Android phone. If you are taking public transit from point A to point B, this new feature will keep track of departure times, ETAs of buses and trains, and also tell you where you should get down to reach your destination or to get a transfer. This simple new addition can be a huge convenience for people with visual impairment, or someone who is commuting in a new city.

To see how it works, open Google Maps on your Android phone, enter your destination, select transit directions, and then your route. Right after doing that, press the “Start” button to get going.

Let us know how this new feature works for you in the comments section below!

Source: Google


  1. Did not work for today in Canada.

  2. I assume you are to click on the “bus” icon. When I did that, it said no route available. We don’t have bus service in our neighborhood, so maybe that’s why?

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