Chris Fonseca: Deaf Dance Instructor Empowering Other Deaf Dancers

“Dance First. Think Later.”

Chris Fonseca, a deaf dancer from London, believes in empowering the deaf community by giving it a slice of what he has a true passion for – dancing.

Chris became profoundly deaf after he suffered from meningitis at a very young age. As a child, he always imagined becoming a dancer, and he really got into it after watching the movie “Breakin'”. After years of gaining experience in different styles of dance, Chris now teaches other deaf people how to dance.

Deaf people are naturally very visual, and Chris uses his vision to observe everything around him, and incorporating them in his choreography. In order to hear the music, deaf people use various techniques to feel the beat – like touching the wall, feeling it on their skin, or feeling it through the floor vibrations. Chris teaches these techniques to his students, and once they master them, and start feeling the music, that’s when they come alive.

Watch this award wining short movie below to learn more about Chris’s philosophy, and what deaf dancers have to say about dancing.

In the video below, Chris can be seen teaching a hip hop class at his workshop.

Chris Fonseca YouTube Channel

Chris Fonseca Website

Source: Fast Company


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