IFTTT Applet To Automatically Turn On Lights When You Approach Your House

image showing IFTTT in a circle in the middle with connections made to other services.
Let’s say you are coming back from work in the evening. You enter your house, and proceed to flip the switch(es) that will turn on lights in and around your house. But what if you have a disability that either prevents or makes it difficult to manually turn on the lights?
In order to turn on lights automatically, as soon as you enter or approach your house, you can create an IFTTT applet and use it to turn on your smart bulbs. This is how it works:
You create an applet where you tell IFTTT to look at your phone’s location (and thus yours). If your phone enters an area set by you, IFTTT recognizes it, and tells your light(s) in your house to turn on. It’s that easy!
IFTTT applet for turning on lights when the user enters a certain area.
The video below shows how to create this applet for Philips Hue bulbs.
Who is this beneficial for? Anyone in a wheelchair who cannot reach physical switches in their house, amputees, people with hand tremors, or other disabilities that make interaction with physical objects not easy.
You can create a similar applet that can turn off lights as well when you exit your house.


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