An Introductory And Simplified Explanation Of Autism

A child seen laying on a wooden floor, looking at a pile of toys to his left. He is also holding a toy in his left hand.

If someone asks you what Autism is, how do you explain it? Do you give them just the definition of it or explain it by giving examples? How do you simplify it for a child, a brand new parent or someone who doesn’t understand disabilities?

This video below shows an introductory and simplified explanation of what Autism is. It starts by suggesting that the brain is “wired” to perceive and sense different things, and goes on to explain how that wiring is different for people with Autism. That different wiring can make some people really good at certain things, like art and math, and at the same time, may make other things difficult that are generally perceived as easy – like making friends. It also shows a visual example of what the world may look like to a person with Autism.

The video also puts emphasis on the fact at times, people with Autism have total chaos going on in their brains, but on the outside they seem okay, and are unable to seek help. It talks about visual cues that may suggest someone is stressed, and tells us to be patient with that person.

Overall, this 5 minute video is a great (and simplified) introductory video that can raise awareness and tolerance among non-Autistic audience. This can also be a great resource that teachers can use to explain and discuss Autism to their children in schools.

Source: Special Education in the Philippines

Photo Source: Flickr

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