GPS enabled insoles by Lechal Enable Hands Free Navigation For Visually Impaired

an image of two lechal insoles, two buckles, two lechal pods, charger and usb cable.

Lechal, an innovative Indian brand from Ducere Technologies has introduced a one-of-its-kind product for those who love to explore new places. They have literally brought navigation to your feet! The Lechal pods can be used in the Lechal insoles that are then placed inside the sports shoes. The pods can also be fixed to the Lechal buckles that need to be attached with the shoe-laces.

With Lechal, you no longer need to look down into a screen for the directions. Just explore the place and head in a direction where the vibrations guide you. One of your feet will feel the vibrations depending upon the direction (left/right) in which you need to turn. The hands-free navigation lets you walk or run freely while you enjoy the view. So, the trekkers and travellers can now have more adventure and fun than ever, without having to worry about getting lost. There is a provision for setting vibratory reminders that would prompt you about your pre-decided stops along the way.

Lechal combines the functions of various wearables available in the market. It helps you in navigation, and also displays your accurate fitness data through its app. The Lechal pods are equipped with motion sensors, these sensors can connect to the Lechal app on your phone through Bluetooth. Thus, the app can accurately track the number of steps taken, calories burnt and distance travelled by the user.

Lechal also ensures that you can focus entirely on your workout without having to bother about carrying your phone everywhere you go. Lechal pods are quite capable of recording and storing user’s data, which can later be transferred to the phone. With Lechal, one can enjoy participating in workout challenges and make it even more interesting and fun.

Lechal has been created considering the fact that the user may sometimes enter areas where there is little or no network, so it functions efficiently in an offline mode too. Moreover, it is water-resistant, making it equally functional in water-logged areas or rainy seasons. The device has also made navigation easy for the elderly and the visually impaired customers. With Lechal, they can travel and perform their routine activities without asking for help or direction from others. This gives them a sense of independence and boosts their confidence too.

Another great advantage of Lechal is that you don’t have to recharge the batteries every now and then. The batteries last for as long as 15 days, which is way longer than the battery life of other electronic gadgets used for navigation. The customers can also rest assured that the insoles they are using are hygienic as they are washable and anti-bacterial. A pair of insoles and pods are available on their website for $179. The insoles are also available on Amazon for $99 but it is unclear whether they come with the lechal pods or not.

Check out their website for more information.


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