GiveVision SightPlus Goggles Give 8 Year Old Sight Again

photo of charlie mason seen wearing the GiveVision headset.

You may have seen a video of eight year old Charlie Mason on social media who started losing his sight at the age of four. Charlie has Stargardt Macular Dystrophy which causes things far away to be fuzzy and small. Recently, Charlie tested a prototype of a new device (called SightPlus) created by startup GiveVision which helped him see again!

Super goggles

Super goggles give eight-year-old Charlie new sight.

Posted by BBC News on Sunday, April 30, 2017

This prototype has a smartphone attached to a Virtual Reality headset, and captures images through the phone camera and beams them to the healthy part of the eye. There is an attached remote control also that can be used to adjust images. GiveVision plans to keep working on the design of the headset, and the plan is to make it look like regular eye glasses.

Technology cannot solve sight loss but it can definitely help people with vision impairment see faces of loved ones, read, watch television, and play video games, and explore the world around them. GiveVision hopes that by 2025, every person (at least) in the UK, who can utilize this technology, will be equipped with GiveVision’s eyewear.

Watch the video below to see SightVision CEO talk more about SightPlus.

Source: Pressreader

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