Mayo Clinic Study Helps Paralyzed Man Move Legs Again

An image showing an electrode inserted in the middle of a person's spine.

After a snowmobile accident four years ago, Jered Chinnock was left paralyzed from his torso down, unable to walk. He was prepared to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life but a new study between Mayo Clinic and UCLA is helping him get back to his feet again.

After intense physical therapy, and a surgery last year, doctors implanted an electrode near his spinal cord. This electrode receives electronic stimulation, which converts his thoughts of moving his legs into actual movement. Currently, although he can move his legs, he cannot feel his legs moving.  The team working with Jered is excited though. They noticed dramatic change in Jered’s leg movement within two weeks, and think that this technology can be used with other parts of the body too.

The team is expected to work with Jered for the next eight months to help him progress even more.

Source: Kare 11

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