BrainPort: Technology That Lets Blind People See With Their Tongue

What is the extent assistive technology can go to in order to provide solutions? Creativity, combined with technology, knows no bounds, and that can be clearly seen in this story.

Emily Gossiaux was hit by a truck (18 wheeler) a few years ago because of which she lost her vision. Being a visual artist, she had to come with new ways to draw, and continue to be an artist. One day, she received a phone call from the Lighthouse School in New York. Someone called Ed wanted her to try a new experimental technology called BrainPort that the school had been working on, that would help her see again…with her tongue. Basically, BrainPort consists of sunglasses with a front camera, and a wire that is attached to a postage sized piece made of titanium. This little piece, consisting of several electrodes is placed on the tongue. The images captured by the camera are sent to this little piece where they are converted to electric signals, and ultimately sent to the brain so the person could see!

Listen to this fascinating story about BrainPort, how it works, and what Emily could see by using it.


Emily is seen drawing here using BrainPort.

If you want to learn more about Emily Gossiaux, her accident, near death experience, and recovery, listen to her story here:

Hit the Plaid Zebra link below to learn more about BrainPort.

Source: Radiolab (1), Radiolab (2), Plaid Zebra

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