Blitab: World’s First Tactile Tablet For The Blind

photo of five blitabs placed side by side. First shows an animated graphic in the bottom screen, second shows a map, third shows menu of apps, fourth shows an image of the human brain, and fifth shows an input screen where text can be entered using on screen braille keyboard. Content displayed on the bottom screen is shown in braille on the top screen of each Blitab.

Ever wondered whether there’s a tablet that displays in Braille? The tablet as we know it is great for using sound/ voice as an input and output tool for blind users, but what if they really want to read their content in Braille? What if they are in an environment where using sound is not an option?

Blitab is the world’s first Android powered tactile tablet meant for people with visual impairment that displays content in Braille. The tablet consists of two screens – the bottom screen is a traditional touch screen that lists several apps and displays content (text, images, maps etc.) and the screen above consists of several air channels and smart fluid that look at the original content on the screen below, send that content to Blitab’s cloud, convert it to Braille, and display the content in the form of dots that can be easily read by blind users by running their fingers across the screen. Blitab converts text files, documents, images, maps, and even web pages in Braille in real time from the web, usb drives and even NFC tags. There is an option of text to speech as well if the user prefers to listen to the output.

23 agreements have already been made worldwide for global distribution, including an educational agency in Kenya that has already pre-ordered 10,000 Blitabs. Individuals can pre-order Blitab from its website at for $500.

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Source: TechCrunch [Thank you for sharing, Susan!]


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