Student Invents Kitchen Accessory That Helps People With One Arm

a person seen cleaning a dish with one hand. This dish is placed on the surface of the OneWare attachment used for cleaning dishes.

Newer products and solutions in the assistive technology realm are constantly striving towards bringing more independence to people with disabilities. One such product, designed by industrial design student Loren Lim in Singapore, contains a set of attachments that is meant to provide comfort and independence in the kitchen to people who have one arm.

OneWare can be used over a sink or in the kitchen, and comes with attachments for washing dishes and cutting vegetables and fruits. The one for dishes is made of perforated silicon that grips dishes very tightly, and doesn’t budge as the person cleans it with one hand. The other attachment holds vegetables and fruits – it has teeth that can grip the vegetable securely, and a person can chop it very easily with just one hand.

Although OneWare is not in stores yet, Lim won the James Dyson Award in Singapore earlier this year, and is also in talks with Ikea, which, hopefully will make his product a reality.

Watch the video below to see OneWare in action.

Source: Mashable


  1. This is wonderful! How do I buy it?

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