5 Top Apps For People With Limited Mobility

This post was written by Andrew Atkinson from www.mobilitysmart.cc.

Using a wheelchair or mobility scooter can mean that certain places and activities are off-limits.

The world is not designed for people on wheels. Many with disabilities, including the elderly, find themselves restricted in their day-to-day lives.

Technology can help. As well as specific gadgets and devices, users of wheelchairs and scooters can get a lot from iPads and Android tablets.

Here are five of the best apps for people with limited mobility. Why not add an iPad holder to your electric or manual wheelchair, then check out these five applications to add to your device?


Perhaps the most useful app that you can add to your device.

Wheelmap categorises buildings and public spaces as fully accessible, partially accessible or not accessible, so that you can see where your wheelchair will fit.

This is an app for everyone to get involved with. Many places are still categorised as unknown, so any user can contribute for the benefit of others.

In some towns and cities, Wheelmap is an extremely valuable and detailed resource. In others, it has the potential to be a wheelchair-user’s best digital friend.


Whilst Wheelmap covers buildings, venues and public spaces, Wheelmate focuses specifically on life’s little practicalities – wheelchair accessible toilets and parking spaces.

The premise is much the same, though the aim is different. Wheelmate also includes mention of which car parks are free, and which you’ll need to pay for.


Navigating the world often requires two hands.

Install Skype to your device, clip it to your wheelchair or mobility scooter and talk to friends and family on the go.

Skype’s video call functionality makes it incredibly easy to have phonecalls whilst  in your local supermarket. Which flavour pasta sauce did your husband ask for, again?


For long-distance travel, Uber is a valuable app.

Uber taxis come in all shapes and sizes. You can book one at the touch of a button.

What’s more, you can specifically look for wheelchair accessible vehicles!

You don’t even need cash when you book your taxi. The service offers cashless payment, which is ideal if you’re stuck and need a little help getting home.

Tecla Access

The Tecla Access product is designed to make your smartphone or tablet completely hands-free. It’s ideal if you need to be occupied controlling your wheels, rather than controlling your phone.

Tecla is designed for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, and it does require the purchase of additional equipment. But, once it’s set up, you can use motions like blinking and blowing, and can also use the controls on your wheelchair or scooter, to access every feature on your usually-handheld device.

With the right app combination, you can use Tecla Access to control every aspect of your home as well. This means that it’s easy to develop a smart home that is more accessible than ever before.


Image Source: New Ice Media

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