OrCam MyEye Converts Visual Information To Speech For People With Visual Impairment

a pair of glasses with orcam myeye attached to the right stem resting on a book

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that would describe everything to a blind person? Could read text to them? Identify objects in the grocery store? Faces of family and friends? Tell them when the red light turns green?

Orcam, a tech company from Israel has been around for six years. Their MyEye is a smart camera accessory that clips to regular glasses, and converts visual information into speech for the person wearing it. Whenever the wearer want the description of an object (objects with labels on them, street signs, traffic lights) or want text to be read to them off of a magazine, menu or any other medium/surface, they point their finger at it or press a button, and MyEye instantly starts reading text/describing objects to them. The description is heard through a mini speaker attached to MyEye. MyEye also stores familiar faces so the person wearing it knows who’s standing in front of them.

Orcam doesn’t list MyEye’s price on its website but in 2013, it was priced at $2,500. They will be demonstrating MyEye at the Closing the Gap¬†conference in Bloomington, MN from October 19 – 21. Watch the video below to see MyEye in action.

Website: http://www.orcam.com/

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