Me, Myself & You: Board Game For Adults With Autism

board game me, myself, and you

Children and students have access to many resources that encourage them to socialize, however, they lose access to many of those resources, when they graduate and enter adulthood. The adult Autism community doesn’t have many resources that helps them make new friends and socialize.

To help adults with Autism make new friends in the most natural way possible, Stanford graduates Devika Patel, Claire Jacobson, and Nina Lagon developed a simple and easy to understand board game Me, Myself, & You that encourages adults with Autism to participate in a group setting by answering various fun questions. The game consists of four different categories – Solo, Partner, Team, and Challenge. Solo cards are meant to encourage each player to talk about themselves (“What’s your favorite smell?”, “Which celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?”), partner cards initiate photo shows a sand times, spinner, cars, and colored player piecesconversation between the player who picks the card and another random partner chosen by a spinner (“Take off your shoes, stick them together, and tell us the story of how they fell in love.”, “If you and your partner could make a new law, what law would you make and why?”), team cards ask all players to participate (“Show us the way you cook your eggs in the morning, and tell us who you’re making your eggs for”), and challenge cards ask players to step out of their comfort zones (“Go around in a circle passing this card saying the tongue twister “Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers.”). All responses are timed so that there is a definite start and end to each game.

The colors used in the game are neutral so as to not trigger any emotional responses for individuals on the spectrum, and the board consists of hexagons that show a clear path.

Through it’s simplicity, Me, Myself, and You provides a mechanism that allows adults to get comfortable with each other immediately, and have fun.

Check out their website to learn more about Me, Myself, & You.

Source: Fast Design Company


  1. Hi. How do I order the game MMY for my 22 year old autistic son? Thanks

  2. Hi, how can I purchase the game?

  3. How can I purchase the game MMY?

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