Easy Push: Wheels For Manual Wheelchair That Require Half The Energy To Push

an elderly woman pushing a wheelchair that has Easy Push wheels installed.

Manual wheelchairs can be tough to maneuver on carpeted floors , in tight spaces in homes and offices, or even going up and down on short ramps. There is always the option to use powered wheelchairs but they are not always affordable. In order to make it easier and more convenient for manual wheelchair users to push them, an Illinois startup has created the Easy Push – wheels for wheelchairs with gears in them that makes movement much faster and smoother with the same amount of effort required to push the traditional wheel. It does not consist of any motors or batteries that need to be charged regularly – just simple gears that allow the use of less energy for pushing. Easy Push is basically the traditional wheel redesigned, with a lot of thought given to the physics involved in the movement of a manual wheelchair.

Watch the video below to learn more about Easy Push, and the second video to learn about the physics involved in Easy Push wheels as well as to see a guy in a wheelchair pull a car in a wheelchair with Easy Push wheels!

Website: http://www.intelliwheels.net/


  1. Where can I get one? one that can be pushed by another person, also! Thanks.

  2. Wow- why have I not heard of this device?!? I work with wheelchair users as an ATP and would love to see something like this in action. It would be a tremendous benefit to people who are facing having to go to a power chair because of shoulder or arm injuries. I am sure that insurance coverage is probably and issue but I have seen a recent increase in people opening up their checkbooks to get the right product lately.


  4. Looking to an answer to Marylou statsun’s question above — where can you get one that is pushed by another person

  5. Why no replies? Is this a dummy site?

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