Shower & Commode Chair For People With Limited Mobility

photo of a red Go! shower and commode chair

In order to provide a convenient way to go to the bathroom and bathe, Go! Mobility Solutions has shower wheelchairs and commode chairs that provide comfort and safety to people in wheelchair or those with limited mobility. The chairs are lightweight, portable and very easy to carry, and can be assembled in a matter of minutes using friendly instructions and color coded parts that come with them. The chair packs easily into a portable travel bag, and is assembled with just your hands – no other tools needed.

Seat and footrest heights are adjustable, and the wheelchair can be easily collapsed for others who would be using the bathroom too. A number of other accessories like headrest, side cut-out fillers, positioning belts, calf straps, commode tray, armrest extenders, backrest height extender, brake extenders, and more are available to meet various challenges.

The chairs start at $1,425 and go up to $2,195. There is also a 30 day risk-free trial available so people may try them out before purchasing them. 

Watch the video below to know more about the chair and to see how it is assembled.




  1. Can it b delivered to my home in India.
    Address- Jaigaon, West Bengal, India

  2. A shower commode is really convenient for both the carer and the patient. This is a great innovation.

  3. thanks alot for this amazing blog keep posting thank you!!

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