Organization Arranges Event For Children With Autism To Ease Flying Experience

A girl wearing a loveu2pieces t shirt, seen going through the experience.

In order to help children on the Autism spectrum (as well as their parents) understand, and get more comfortable with the process of flying – going to the airport, checking in, getting boarding passes, going through security, walking to the gate, and boarding the flight – a Missouri not for profit organization, LoveU2Pieces, partnered with American Airlines to arrange this experience for these children and their parents at Lambert Airport. LoveU2Pieces works with families with high functioning autism spectrum disorders and provides support to raise healthy, successful children.

For participating children and their parents, the mission was to not only help them alleviate nervousness, and get rid of the fear and anxieties related to boarding a plane, but also understand that the entire process is not at all difficult. This event was seen as a learning tool by parents, something that can help people in the community.

Watch the video below to learn more about this event. Do you have local organizations that arrange similar experiences for children on the spectrum?

Source: KSDK

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