M+D Crutches: Redesigned Crutches For Extra Comfort, Improved Quality Of Life

drawings of m+d crutches at various stages of prototyping

The crutches, as a device for providing temporary or permanent support, have not seen much of a design overhaul since civil war. However, there is a new crutch in town with a revolutionary design. The M+D crutch, designed by a couple of industrial engineers, is a crutch that takes away limitations of the traditional crutch, and strives to improve the user’s quality of life both functionally and emotionally.

The fundamental difference the M+D crutch brings is that it has a cradle that image showing the m+d crutch and highlighting main features - 1. elbow support causes no pain to hands, wrists, and armpits, 2. handle moves to allow hands hands free walking, 3. flexible arm bands, 4. hinged arm support, 5. adjusts to fit users of heigh 4'11 to 6'8allows a user to use their elbows instead of arm pits to support their weight and absorb the impact at each step. The arm and leg are Adjustable for people from 4’7 up to 6’8″, and the flexible arm flaps make sure that they secure the arms well but at the same time make it easy to get in and out quickly. The cradle also unlocks so the user may reach up or down while still wearing the crutches,

The handle, which is close to the cradle, and is gripped by the user, can be rotated and pushed in for hands free walking (or for carrying something in their hand while moving). Last, but not the least, the feet, which can be changed with a push of a button, come in various “flavors” – for sand, snow and ice, and athletic use.

The M+D crutches cost $499 for a pair and $249 for a single (and additional shipping and tax), and can be pre-ordered on their website (they sold out of their first batch) which will be delivered in late 2016. Currently, they are accepting orders only in the US for now.

Head over to their website to learn more about these crutches.


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Images source & website: http://www.mobilitydesigned.com/

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