DIY Homemade Wheelchair Enables This Paralyzed Toddler To Move Around

Evelyn seen wheeling around in a public place in her DIY wheelchair that her parents built her.

When Evelyn (or Eve, as she is fondly called) was 4 months old, doctors found out that she had cancer. Her stage four neuroblastoma tumor couldn’t be removed, so she had to go through 8 rounds of Chemotherapy. Although her cancer is now in remission, she has been paralyzed from her arms down.

She was told that she would “army crawl”, pulling herself around with her arms, and that she was too young to be in a wheelchair (she could get one when she turned 2) but her parents didn’t like that answer. Having been inspired by a DIY (Do It Yourself) article on Pinterest, the parents built Eve her own little wheelchair in their garage. It is made of a Bumbo chair affixed on a kitchen board. The board has casters at the bottom for support, and wheels from a little bicycle on the sides. It cost them around $100 to make this wheelchair.

It took Eve a little while to figure out the wheelchair but now, at the age of 13 months, she moves around in it very comfortably, waving hands to show her excitement. Eve’s parents are glad they made this wheelchair for her. It gives her the freedom to move more comfortably, and lets her explore her environment on her own, instead of being propped in a chair or stroller. They recommend other parents too build something like this chair for their children too.

Source: The Star


  1. It is wonderful that the parents took initiative to make a chair when they did not know of any available commercially. There is a company making small chairs for children as early as 9 months old. The chair is called a ZipZac. They can be seen at

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