Blincam: Take Hands Free Photos With This Camera Accessory

Taking photos of everyday objects and scenery around us has become a way of life. All it takes these days is to whip out our smart phone and start taking photos of people, food, beloved pets around us, and all the places we go to. However, taking photos with a smartphone may be a challenge for people with not very good motor skills, amputees or legally blind photographers.

Blincam, a new camera accessory that recently finished a successful crowd funding campaign, attaches to any pair of glasses and takes photos when a person winks or (strongly) blinks their eyes – it has the ability to differentiate between normal and deliberate blinks. As simple as that! Photos taken with Blimcam can be uploaded directly to the cloud, and made available for sharing with others.
Blincam only weighs 25 grams and would cost approximately $200 when it is made available in January 2017.
Watch this (very cheesy!) video to see how Blincam works.


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