Sensor Friendly Movie Theater for Audience With Autism

photo of a movie being shown at a movie theater. There are empty seats everywhere.

NCG Gallatin Cinema, a special needs certified movie theater in Gallatin, TN,  shows movies that are sensor friendly for children and adults with Autism. The showings, which are done once a month,  have sounds down by 50 percent and the lights not dimmed all the way. Loud sound effects, and even a slight flicker, can be pretty intense for those on the Autism spectrum.

Talking and running around in the theater is allowed!
The theater creates a judgement friendly environment where everyone will understand why someone is being loud, talking or standing up during the movie, and answering questions asked by actors on the screen. This environment helps everyone be comfortable in a movie setting, and allows little children to make memories, and also new friends!
The theater is not just for people with Autism – it is available to anyone with special needs. The next sensor friendly movie being shown at NCG Gallatin is “Life of Pets” on July 9.

Source: WKRN (1), WKRN (2)
Image Source: Sarah Ackerman (Flickr)


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