See a Flash, Dash Inside!: New Slogan From NOAA For Deaf People

photo of a softball field with lightning in the background
Traditionally, National Oceanic and Atmospheric  Administration’s  motto, “When Thunder  Roars, Go Indoors” has helped understand the importance of seeking shelter during a thunderstorm. However, it does not resonate very well with deaf people who cannot hear a roaring thunder. In order to convey the same message to the deaf community, and make them aware of the importance of seeking shelter during a thunderstorm, NOAA has come up with a new slogan that would put emphasis on sight instead of sound. To promote the new slogan “See a Flash, Dash Inside!”  NOAA has released a new video in which a deaf services specialist signs very important information about lightning and thunderstorms, and what kind of shelter to look for during thunderstorms.
Check out the PSA video below.

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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