Legally Blind Man Regains Vision After Stem Cell Treatment

photo of doug oliver

Doug Oliver of Nashville, TN, who was legally blind last year, can now not only see, but can also drive a car after a stem cell treatment helped him regain his vision he had lost because of a hereditary condition.

Doug had full vision that he lost over a decade because of his condition and went from fully seeing everything to legally blind. He went to a specialist to learn about his options to gain his sight back but he was told there was no cure or treatment because of how rare his condition was. However, he found out about a clinical trial through National Institutes of Health last year that could treat his condition and get his sight back. Doug raised $20,000 and got the treatment last August. Within a few days, he started getting his vision back. In December of last year, he got his driving license back!
Since then, Doug has worked with US Senate Health Committee Chair craft legislation that will speed up research and improve access to treatments for chronic diseases. You can read more about what the legislation will do in the source article or watch the video below.

Source: WCMH-TV Columbus
Image Source: GoFundMe


  1. Dear Mr. Oliver,
    I am so glad you have regained your sight. You were blessed. In 2015, I lost sight in one eye due to macular degeneration and have slight macular degeration in my other eye. LIke you, I want to be able to drive and enjoy my family, especially my two grandsons. Please assist me in my pursuit of regaining my vision and encouraging legislation to go through our legal system.

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