Amazon’s New Kindle Now Provides Accessibility (Text To Speech) For Blind

photo of two amazon kindles. one is white and the other is black.
We already know that our dear friend Alexa (Amazon Echo) can read us Kindle books, which is great for blind people. But what if someone doesn’t have an Amazon Echo? Is there any other way to listen to Kindle books in audio format?
Yes, now there is. The new Amazon Kindle, which was announced yesterday, would have Bluetooth built in that will allow an easy connection to a Bluetooth speaker, and thus enable reading of Kindle books out loud. It also has VoiceView technology which reads menu and navigation items as well. Amazon also introduced a new adapter last month for no extra cost that turns on VoiceView as soon as the adapter is plugged into Kindle’s USB port.
The National Federation of Blind works with Amazon regularly to improve accessibility in Kindle. 
The new Kindle, which will be available starting July 7, will be priced at $80 (with ads) and $100 (without ads).

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