YouTube News Channel For The Deaf

photo of alex abenchuchan
Alex Abenchuchan, a resident of Austin, TX, has started a Youtube news channel for the deaf. His show, called The Daily Moth,  consists of him reading current news, including trending stories off of a makeshift teleprompter,  and signing them in ASL . He posts news Monday through Thursday, and sometimes brings in other people from the deaf community in Austin as well.
Alex started this channel because he felt like there were not many news outlets for deaf individuals. This sentiment has definitely resonated with his deaf audience, who have thanked him in many ways for starting this new news outlet. He has received so much support from the deaf community that he is planning to move his show out of his apartment into a studio and hire more deaf anchors. (he has started a GoFundMe page to seek donations to keep the show running for another year)
Deafness and ASL are taken quite seriously in the tight knight deaf community, and Alex has taken a step towards bringing down another barrier to help deaf people connect and celebrate their culture.
Here’s one of the news videos from The Daily Moth.

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