Limitless Stylus: A Tablet Stylus Meant For People With Limited Hand Mobility

a photo of limitless stylus in different sizes

This blog post was written by Paul Tudisco. Paul is the creator of  Limitless Stylus – a stylus meant for people with limited hand mobility, who cannot use their fingers very well with a touchscreen device.

I am 29 years old and ever since I was born, I have had Cerebral Palsy. For me, It has been very difficult to utilize touch screen devices due to my limited mobility. What inspired me to create this product was the struggle I faced with trying to use touch screen devices. I wanted to come up with some sort of device that would eliminate the hardships that I and people with limited mobility like mine have to face. By creating the Limitless Stylus, I hope to reach out to many others like me help them the same way the Limitless Stylus has helped me.

Paul using the limitless stylus with his ipad

I developed The Limitless Stylus in 2012 in order to improve the lives of individuals with Cerebral Palsy and others who have limited motor skills who use touch screen devices by utilizing a stylus that attaches to the wrist using two Velcro Straps. This is an adaptive technology that will allow individuals with a disability to access touch screen devices. In today’s fast paced world, touch screen devices have become ubiquitous.

However, individuals without the ability to use these devices have great difficulties in being able to connect socially, which ultimately inhibit their independence. In order to solve this problem, I designed my product to provide the user additional control that would not normally be available for this unique population.
We are developing a stylus that will help people with cerebral palsy and others who have limited motor skills use touch screen products by creating a stylus that attaches to the wrist.Unfortunately due to physical disabilities like cerebral palsy and arthritis, the use of some people’s hands is very limited. With all the new technology moving towards touch screen systems, this creates a huge dilemma for a big part of the population. Sometimes the uses of their fingers and hands are extremely limited, and sometimes even holding a stylus is a big struggle, making it extremely difficult to use any touch screen product.
The solution to this problem is to create a stylus that can be attached to the wrist and hand. Most of the time people struggle to use their hands however, their arms still function well. So if the stylus is attached to their wrist, it makes the use of touch screen products much easier and in some people’s cases makes it possible to use them. The usage of smart boards and tablets are huge throughout the cerebral palsy community. These devices are used for learning purposes. Those with disabilities would love to use touch screen products just as much as those without disabilities for recreational purposes. A product like this would help further their education and make life much easier and more enjoyable for them. 
Watch the following videos to see Paul tell us about the inspiration behind the stylus, and also to learn more about who the stylus is for and how it works.
Limitless Stylus is available at for $55.
Limitless Stylus can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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