Horus: A Wearable “Personal Assistant” For Blind People

horus wearable
We are probably familiar with many types of wearables – the ones we wear on our wrists that can track activities and provide notifications.  There is another wearable under development that can be used like a  personal assistant by blind people and can help them navigate their environment as well as make day to day life much easier.
Horus can be used for reading text, object identification, mobility assistance and face recognition. A person can interact with it either through voice or by pressing some simple buttons and giving commands.  Horus keeps observing and learning from its surroundings, and adapts to different situations of everyday life.
It is a bone conducting device that is meant to be worn like a headset. The “Horus Eyes” are connected to a small accessory that has the battery and processor  that processes all the visuals that Horus Eyes are receiving. that consist of two sensors that detect and perceive the immediate environment  in 3D.  The bone conducting aspect of it sends sound signals through the bones instead of ear canals, which means that if someone has hearing issues related to the external ear, Horus will totally bypass that.
Watch the following video to see how Horus works and can help people with visual impairment.
Horus is still in the prototype stage so cost at this time is undetermined. However, it is expected to be launched in the second half of 2016.
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