Bruce Hall: Legally Blind Photographer

man with a parrot at cyclavia
Remember Bruce Hall? The legally blind photographer who was raising money to publish  a book consisting of photographs of his twins with Autism? Well, Bruce managed to raise the amount needed to publish that book right just before the campaign ended. Also, this post is not about that campaign. It’s about Bruce!
A few months ago, Bruce was invited by the city of Los Angeles to take photos at CicLAvia – an event in which city of Los Angeles closes roads to motorists for the day and lets bicyclists and pedestrians bike and walk around freely. Bruce was biked around by a professional bicyclist so he could take photos of the event and everyone participating. What’s fascinating about Bruce’s participation here is that he sends us all a clear message that our disabilities and challenges cannot hold us back. His enthusiasm to experience the world (even though sometimes he has to get out of his comfort zone) and capture every moment in the form of photos is not only remarkable but also inspiring, considering that he only has 5% vision in his eyes – a little bit of clear vision 3 inches from his face. Beyond that he sees no hard lines.
The photos he took at CicLAvia are downright gorgeous, and they display the joy and freedom that everyone is experiencing at this event very accurately. He is taking photos not just to see, but also to share all those moments with others.
Watch this video below to see what Bruce has to say about his legal blindness and why he uses photography, and make sure to check out his photos from CicLAvia!

Source: Whole You

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