Bruce Hall: Legally Blind Photographer Who Takes Photos To See


If you have not heard of Bruce Hall, it’s time to look him up!

Bruce Hall, who is legally blind, has only 5% sight. Born with various eye conditions, Bruce stumbled into a world full of possibilities when as a child, he had the opportunity to peep through a telescope to look at a star. Glimpse of the North Star through the telescope not only showed him what a star looked like (he had only heard about them but never seen one before), it also made him realize that he could actually see by using optics – any optics that can magnify surrounding objects, like cameras, lenses, magnifiers, telescopes.
Over the years, Bruce has used his camera to be able to see – he photographs everything around him so he could see and experience his surroundings. His motivation for photography is just the fact that he wants to see. Sighted people see so they could photograph. Bruce’s case is the exact opposite – he photographs so he could see.
Bruce doesn’t use photography just as a mechanism to see – he is also an exceptionally good photographer! Hi work has been featured in various textbooks & magazines, and several international exhibitions. (his underwater photos are really cool)
Bruce also has two sons with severe autism. He photographs them all the time in order to not miss the boys’ childhood.
Check out his portfolio on his website to look at the kind of photos he takes, and to also learn about a new book he is releasing soon that capture his children’s life through his photos.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

Image Source: Flickr 

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