Wheelchair Friendly Cities Of The World

Ever wondered which cities around the world are wheelchair friendly and why? Look at the interactive story map below and start exploring!

Is your city in the story map below?

This story map was created by our regular contributor Michael Leavy from Home Healthcare Adaptations.


  1. Pity about the main streets themselves. Sydney is built on hills which makes a lot of the main thoroughfares steep. Worse is that the curb usually has a a 2 inch lip or more which when trying to push up hill on a busy road can be challenging. Not impossible but challenging.

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  3. Nothing in Asia? Interesting. I hope Asian cities catch up and make their cities PWD-friendly. Traveling abroad with disability is quite challenging. It’s more challenging, I must add, when the city you are traveling to is not that friendly to people with disability.

    Charles Nichols
    Barriers Gone

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