This Is How You Do Makeup When You Are Blind

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Lucy Edwards is a 19 year old who lost vision in her right eye when she was 11 and left eye two years ago because of a rare genetic disorder called Incontinentia Pigmenti. Lucy has a great fashion sense and is very much into fashion, make up and being a social butterfly. Not being able to do her makeup anymore after her vision loss was somewhat of a setback. However, to stay positive and  to continue to do what she loved, she learned to do make up without a mirror!

She didn’t stop there though – along with her boyfriend, she recently started a youtube channel called yesterday’s wishes where she shows both blind and sighted people how to apply make up in a very detailed manner, gives her opinions about  make up products, and shares several tips and tricks that are especially helpful for blind people.

But why do blind people care about their looks?
This is something she addresses very confidently – it’s about looking good and feeling good about yourself. It feels nice when someone gives you a compliment – “you look nice”, “you look lovely”. Being sighted or not doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter either whether you can see yourself in all the makeup. What matters is the feel good factor that wearing makeup, being fashionable, and receiving compliments from people, and being confident in social surroundings brings.
Besides giving makeup tutorials, Lucy also answers various questions related to blind culture and dismisses several myths and misconceptions about blind people in her Q&A sessions.
“Are most blind people totally blind?”
“All blind people read braille”
“Do all blind people go to special schools”
“Blind people have no social life”
These are some of the various questions she answers providing her own perspective in a very nice and humble way.

She also has a blog where she posts make up tips, product reviews and transcripts for her videos.

Her videos are very well made and edited. If you know anyone with vision impairment wanting makeup skills, send them her way!

Source: Buzzfeed
Youtube channel: Yesterday’s Wishes

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