January 17 2015 Is Disability Access Day

January 17 will be a great day for everyone! 
A group of disabled people and their family and friends have started a great new initiative that will hopefully become a tradition in the future! The message is very simple: Go explore! 
January 17 2015 will be the first Disabled Access Day, a day when disabled people, along with their friends and families, are being encouraged to just go out there – visit a place that they have never been to – be it a movie hall, museum, restaurant, coffee shop, near or far, just about anywhere! The idea is not just to encourage disabled people to go out but also to encourage businesses and establishments to make their premises more accessible for everyone. 
If you are a charity, organization, venue, local authority or an individual, and you want to participate, sign up on Disabled Access Day’s website so they could send you resources like posters, stickers, balloons etc. so you could use them on Disabled Access Day. This event is worldwide, and so far, quite many venues in UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal  and Cyprus. If your country is not in this list, you can get involved and bring yours on the map too!
For more information, check out Disabled Access Day’s website, Facebook page and Twitter.

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