Ubi: A Voice Controlled Device That Converts Speech To Actions

photo of ubi on a side table by a couch

There is a device in the market that just might be the ultimate device for anyone with limited mobility and/or vision impairment – a device that just sits around and does pretty much anything you want.

Say  hello to the Ubi!
The Ubi is a hands-free, voice operated device that connects to the wifi and converts commands in natural speech to remarkable actions. It can pick up your voice from up to 8 feet, and can be used to do several things like sending text messages and emails to contacts, listening to music (free music streaming service), looking up information on the internet, controlling your home thermostat, controlling lighting in your house, locking doors, making announcements to family (“come down, kids! Dinner’s ready.”), setting reminders for yourself, getting important updates and alerts, controlling other internet connected devices…the options are endless! All one has to do is say “OK Ubi..” and say what they desire!
It’s an amazing device for someone who may have bad motor skills, limited mobility, or vision impairment – it makes communication extremely easy for them and alleviates their dependence on others.

Be sure to check out their blog too. They post about all the amazing things Ubi can do.

The Ubi is priced at $299 and can be ordered directly from its website.
Watch the following video to see the Ubi in action!

Website: http://www.theubi.com

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