Four Senses: Cooking Show For Blind People


How would a blind foodie learn to cook new and exciting recipes? By watching a cooking show on tv, of course!

Hosted by blind chef Christine Ha, who won the MasterChef USA in 2012, the show, called Four Senses airs on AMI – Accessible Media Inc., a Toronto based channel for hearing and visually impaired people. She is accompanied by award winning chef Carl Heinrich, who is sighted. The show is not just about cooking exciting recipes, but also about how to get familiar with your own kitchen and maneuver around once you are in there. What’s going on between the two hosts is constantly narrated for the viewers so they get an idea of how and what is being done – the show is full of descriptive video that explains everything – from a chef reaching into the fridge to remove an item to arranging food on a plate.

“What we see is what say (is happening in the kitchen).”

Along with cooking, the show also brings attention to eye health and gives tips on how to get independence in the kitchen. This show is a great resource for anyone with visual impairment wanting to please their friends and family, and be a rockstar in the kitchen! The show airs on Fridays at 7PM ET.

Check out Four Season on AMI’s website for more details and to download recipes.

Source: Four Season on AMI via Toronto Sun

Image Source: G3ict (another great read about this show)

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