Talkitt – App/ Software That Lets People With Speech Impairment Communicate In Any Language Using Their Voice

image showing talkitt for different devices - computer, tablet, smartphone, wearable devices like google glass and smart watch.
Update (6/27/2016): Talkitt has begun its first round of beta testing and is getting closer to launch!
image showing various medical conditions that can cause speech impairment - ALS, cerebral palsy, stroke, brain damagem parkinson, alzheimer, autism, hearing disabilitiesIn many cases, disabled users with speech disorders find it extremely difficult to communicate, primarily because people around them have difficulty understanding their speech. Speech disabilities can be caused by a variety of conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Brain Damage, Parkinson’s and many more. It is a struggle not just for those who have speech disorders but also for their caregivers and loved ones. In the recent past, various companies have come up with text to speech apps and software that let users either type or choose words that are spoken by the app, and thus help the users communicate. However, the one aspect that these apps sideline is the fact that the users are very much capable of speech and would ideally like to use their natural mode of communication.
a lady with speech impairment ordering coffee at a coffee shop using talkitt on a tablet.

Talkitt, a new “speech to speech” app in the works, plans to give disabled users more freedom and expression in the most natural way possible – it helps them communicate by just using their voice. Talkitt has the ability to recognize the user’s vocal patterns and translate them into words that are more understandable. As you will see in the video below, it does a very good job of translating unintelligible pronunciation into perfect sentences with utmost accuracy. This also means that Talkitt works very well with any spectrum of speech severity – from mild to extreme.The best part about this app is that it is not just limited to English – it can translate any language the user is speaking! 

The accuracy of this app will let users gain more confidence, and encourage them more to use their speech to communicate, not to mention that it will make communicating easier and convenient for their family, friends, and caregivers as well.
Very soon, Talkitt will be available on all smartphones and tablets. The next phase will see it run on computers and wearable devices, giving much more flexibility to users wherever they are. Once Talkitt is available, there will be a monthly subscription charge of $19.99 per month.
Currently, it is being tested by various partners and hospitals in Israel and Europe, and there is also a Indiegogo funding campaign going through which the team behind Talkitt is raising money to get it out to the masses quick (as soon as Q1 of 2015). Visit the Indiegogo page if you want to contribute to this campaign.

Definitely watch the video below to see the inspiration behind this app and what the team is doing to make this app a reality.


  1. Just like talkitt bubbly is also amazing voice blogging platform with good interface and quality voice sharing feature. Also available both for android and ios , really addictive app.

  2. I really would love to have this app/software but I don’t know if I can afford the subscription because my husband and I are low-income family. I have tried Dragon products but they don’t understand my speech. I hope that maybe if you could just charge for an order for the Talkitt software.

  3. Where do I get this application??

  4. Ho urgentissimo bisogno di acquistarlo, anche se non รจ completamente messo a punto! Potete inviarmi tutte le informazioni possibili? Grazie

  5. This sooo beautiful! Just watching the video and seeing how it transformed people’s lives brought tears to my eyes.

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