Assistive Technology Gadgets That Could Change Your Life [Infographic]

Are you or someone you know an Occupational Therapist and/or take care of someone with special needs? Michael Leavy at Home Healthcare Adaptations, a family run company has created this helpful infographic that shows some really useful assistive technology devices that can make life convenient for a lot of people. 
An electric car that people in wheelchairs maneuver  without getting off and folding the wheelchair separately? A gadget that translates head movements into computer mouse movements? Alarm clocks for the deaf? Bookmark this handy infographic for quick reference to some really cool assistive technology gadgets. (click to enlarge)
Click to enlarge

Source: Michael Leavy


  1. The white on blue and white on red presentation (as it appears to me) is unreadable for the poor contrast. (I have poor contrast sensitivity and am set to display print in white on black.)

    My old eyes (97yrs) avoid information presented in graphics, much preferring Plain Text which my software manipulates easily.

  2. Thank you for your feedback and sorry that you are having trouble viewing it! I will add plain text from the infographic to the post soon.

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