A Blind Legend: Video Game For Blind People


In A Blind Legend, your eyes will be of no help
So close them, sharpen your hearing and your blade…
and embark on an epic, perilous rite of passage.
For the sighted, playing a video game without any video may not make sense at all. But for the blind, it may be the next best thing since sliced bread.

The concept of “video-less” games is being adopted by more and more game developers who want to make video games accessible so that blind people could play them without any trouble. One of the games that will be coming out soon (early 2015) is “A Blind Legend” developed by Dowino studios in France after successfully completing a recent crowdfunding campaign. This is a game in which you play Edward Blake, a knight who has no eyes  and is on a mission to rescue his kidnapped wife. He is accompanied by his daughter Louise, who gives him directions and helps him navigate the environment and  fight Thork’s army. There are forests, mountains, dungeons, a furious sea, lots of other obstacles and combat against numerous enemies!

Image shows various gestures used in this game.
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This game does not have a video but rather a realistic, 3D sound environment which is most effective when heard using headphones. The sounds coming from different directions help you navigate and take appropriate action. A Blind Legend is very intuitive, and since it is a mobile game, there are various simple gestures that define different actions.

Dowino is aiming to offer non sighted gamers a video game that will give them a rich storyline and an immersive experience, not just a “game” that does things using audio. Once released, this game will be available free of cost for iOS and Android. A demo of the game is available on Dowino’s website in English and French for both Windows and Mac. It can be downloaded from here.
To get a feel of what the sound is like, put on your headsets and listen to this clip. 

More from the developers here:

To read more about this A Blind Legend and other similar games, and to know what binaural technology is (that’s used in this game), hit the source link.

Source: BBC
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  1. Past gaming,building better intuitive situations that don't bar the blind is crucial to making the most open future for advanced innovation.Assuredly,the buildup around A Blind Legend will sway more indie designers to make diversions where a client's vision,or scarcity in that department,is insignificant to the epic mission.
    ~Carol Martinez.

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