WHILL: World’s Most Advanced Personal Mobility Device Starts A Kickstarter Campaign

WHILL Type A being used by different people

In the recent past, WHILL has received a lot of coverage and recognition for all the right reasons. A personal mobility device that gives an amazing level of flexibility, control, maneuverability as well great comfort and design. This personal mobility device has become so popular recently that its first batch, scheduled for delivery in July, is completely sold out, and the second batch, scheduled for August, is almost 80% preordered. 

This device definitely has some features that have been really well thought out by its designers, especially its arms that can be adjusted for easy sitting, electronic seat sliding forward and backward for easy table access and comfort, and not to mention its ability to maneuver any type of terrain – snow, grass, gravel, or anything else, thanks to four wheel drive, and its ability to be controlled by a phone app!

The team behind WHILL just launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote their device and receive more funding to keep enhancing this already wonderful device. To know more about this personal mobility device, see it in action and to support the campaign, head over to their Kickstarter campaign page!

Read more about the honorable mention the team got at the Red Dot Award 2014 here.

WHILL Kickstarter.
WHILL Website.

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