Soundhawk Smart Listening System: Hearing Aid With Smartness Built In


Hearing aids have been traditionally known  for amplifying sound around the person wearing them. OF course, this works very well in all cases, however, one thing the traditional hearing aid lacks is aesthetics – when it comes to design and looks, the hearing aid has not been given much love by manufacturers. This is not really a big deal except that just the size and aesthetically unappealing aspect of it have discouraged a few people from using them. 

soundhawk app showing different environments it can be set toSoundhawk, a company on a mission to transform the listening experience, has introduced a new “hearing aid” that not only looks visually pleasing but comes with a lot of features that the regular hearing aid does not typically deliver. Soundhawk comes with a “Scoop” – the earpiece part that sits snugly in the ear (and doubles as a Bluetooth headset that syncs with your phone and lets you talk and listen to audio). It has a little microphone that amplifies sound around the wearer. If they are in a louder setting (think restaurant), they can use the mic (separate accessory) and place it in the direction the sound is coming from, and it picks it up and beams straight to the ear. Soundhawk is also accompanied by an app that lets you adjust the scoop to the environment you are in – outdoor indoor, dining or driving. Once selected, the wearer moves their finger on a touch interface to adjust the volume for the Scoop. 
The scoop has an eight hour battery life and the charging case extends its life to 24 hours. 
Pre-order for this device starts today at $280 and the price will go up to $300 after launch. On average, a decent hearing aid costs approximately $1,500. Head to the website to learn more and to pre-order! 
Source:  TechcrunchGizmodo
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