First Braille Phone Goes On Sale In UK!

Technology is so amazing and friendly that it has made many things accessible – including phones! All smartphones today, with the help of native features and several apps, can help blind users perform several tasks very easily (including making phone calls, of course)! However, what if you find technology intimidating? What if you like things to be as simple as possible and are okay with a device that will help you keep in touch with your loved ones with minimal interaction with technology?
If that’s the case, the OwnFone is the solution for you!
A phone that only has a list of names and pretty much nothing else, OwnFone lets a blind user make phone

a senior person using ownfone calls to 4 to 12 of their loved ones with the touch of a button. The device has names of their loved ones listed in Braille which can also be listed in raised text if the user cannot read Braille. All they have to do is press a name and a call is immediately made to that person. This phone also receives phone calls from the same set of people. The size of a credit card, OwnFone can be used for both day to day conversations and emergency purposes.

The price of the phone varies from £40.00 to £70.00 depending on how many names you want listed on the phone. In addition, OWnFone has monthly plans for talk time starting at £7.50 and going up to £15.
The cost of the phone is kept low because it is 3D printed!
If you know someone who is not very fond of technology and are keeping away from smart phones because they “don’t get it”, OwnFone may be a good option for them! This phone may also be a good option for people with multiple disabilities who would like their device to perform desired tasks with minimal interaction.
This phone is currently available only in the UK.
Source: OwnFone via BBC

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