CDesk EDGE: Tablet For People With Visual Impairment


We already know that CDesk is a wonderful suite of applications for people with visual and/or cognitive disabilities. The suite consists of, among other things, special filters for browsers that strip all images and links from the page to make reading easy, as well as simple to use word processor, and its own media and book section.

To make things easier for its users, AdaptiveVoice has recently launched two tablets with “EDGE” capabilities that will allow users to use CDesk on the go. The tablets come in two sizes – 11 and 8 inches, and run full Windows 8.1, and come with 2 GB of RAM and a powerful processor. Besides CDesk, these tablets run all Windows programs as well.
The tablets come with a folio keyboard and a stand that provide three additional USB ports. The CDesk interface is designed to handle touch input very well – in fact, most of the CDesk applications can be accessed using just thumbs. As demonstrated in the video, the interface has different spots assigned to different functions which enables navigation and use much easier. Of course, EDGE has Peggy too, CDesk’s speech recognition software which works really well on the tablet. Imagine sitting under a tree on a warm, sunny day (summer’s almost here!) and dictating your thoughts to peggy while sipping on a nice, cold beverage! Wouldn’t that be nice?
Especially beneficial for people with low or no vision, the EDGE tablets are priced at $2,295 (11 inch) and $995 (8 inch) respectively. Both the products are shipped nationwide in the US without any extra cost, and come with excellent technical support.

Watch the video to see the EDGE tablet in action.

Click here to read more about CDesk.
CDesk/ EDGE website: AdaptiveVoice

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