Braille Electronic Synthesizer For Visually Impaired


For the occasional/ hobbyist musician, access to musical equipment is pretty much a piece of cake now. New equipment is fairly reasonably priced, and there are tons of used gear that can be bought for much lower prices also. With so many options available, it is so easy to set up equipment in your bedroom and start jamming! In some cases, it’s easier said than done though, especially if you are blind. Most of the electronic synthesizers, for example, come with a lot of knobs, and it may be very difficult to figure out what those knobs do if you cannot see (or even if you can, in some cases!).
To curtail this limitation, Moog, a leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, especially synthesizers, is going to start producing a new version of its Sub Phatty synthesizer that will have a Braille overlay so users with visual impairment could use it as well. The price would be the same as the regular synth ($899 at many online stores).
This is a very simple design change but makes such a huge difference for blind consumers. Hopefully other music instrument manufacturers will follow suit!
Watch Stevie Wonder and Friends demo the Moog Sub Phatty here:

Here’s another detailed video about Moog Sub Phatty:

Moog Sub Phatty with Braille overlay is available here.
Source: Gizmodo

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