Aidis Trust Has A Blog!

This post has been written by Natasha D’Arcy who is with Aidis Trust, a charity based in the UK that provides advice and support to people with disabilities. She introduces their new blog and tells us what Aidis Trust hopes to achieve through it.

Aidis Trust is a charity who give free and impartial advice about computer related Assistive Technology. We have a free-phone helpline and provide training and technical support services. We travel all over the UK giving free Training days and Advice clinics as well as phone and face to face assessments. As we try to talk to as many people as possible, we thought a blog would be the perfect chance to engage with everyone further.

We’re excited to share all our views and interesting information that we come across. We’ll be asking questions of anything which affects Assistive Technology and the free services we provide. As well as this, we’ll explore how it can help and benefit everyday life, encourage independence and enhance the lives of disabled people. Though we’re keen to express our opinions freely, we will also remain impartial about anything we talk about.
And of course, as it is a blog, we welcome discussion and can’t wait to hear your views and questions! We hope you’ll take away some inspiration about how Assistive Technology might help you or the people you care for.
We want this to be an opportunity for anyone who uses and benefits from Assistive Technology or just has a keen interest, to share their views and learn more about it. Hopefully it will provide a chance for others to interact and give their own advice about how they have used Assistive Technology in their lives.
Aidis Trust is also on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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